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How to create an invoice?

Learn how to create clear, professional invoices that get you paid on time. Step-by-step guide, tips, and how CoGig simplifies the process.
Khushi Mishra
15 Mar 2024
2 Min read
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Invoicing might not be the most exciting part of freelancing, but it's the key to getting paid on time and running a smooth business. A well-formatted invoice shows clients you're serious and makes the payment process easy. Let's dive into the essentials and how to streamline everything, so you get that money!

The Risks of Messy Invoicing

Think you can wing it with basic invoices? Think again. As your business grows, so do the problems:

  • Delayed payments: Sloppy invoices confuse clients – and confused clients pay slowly. (According to Xero, unprofessional invoices take 20% longer to get paid!)
  • Missed income: Ever forget to bill for those extra hours or late-night revisions? It happens! Around 50% of freelancers lose out on income due to poor tracking.
  • Unprofessional appearance: Errors look sloppy and might cause clients to question your work. That's bad news – 40% of businesses are less likely to rehire a freelancer after a bad invoice.
  • Tax time headaches: Messy records mean painful tax prep and potentially missed deductions. Yikes!
  • Increased stress: Chasing payments is no fun. Over 70% of freelancers say late payments are a major source of stress.

Key elements of a great invoice

  1. Your business info:
    • Business name (or your name)
    • Contact details (address, email, phone)
    • Your logo (if you have one)
  2. Client's info:
    • Client name/company name
    • Billing address
    • Contact person's email
  3. Invoice details:
    • Unique invoice number
    • Issue date
    • Payment due date (make it clear!)
  4. Description of services:
    • Itemised list of what you did
    • Hours worked (if hourly) or rate per project/task
    • Any reimbursable expenses
  5. Payment section:
    • Subtotal (amount before tax)
    • Applicable taxes (%)
    • Total amount due (big & bold)
    • Accepted payment methods (e.g., credit card, PayPal)
    • Mention any late fees

Pro invoicing tips

  • Invoice promptly: Don't wait – bill as soon as work is complete.
  • Proofread! Mistakes look unprofessional.
  • Use templates: Saves tons of time.
  • Invoice software: Platforms like CoGig make invoicing a breeze with built-in tools.
  • Follow up: A polite reminder if payment is late.

CoGig advantage

CoGig has awesome invoicing features:

  • Create professional invoices in minutes.
  • Track payment status of yourself and your team easily.
  • Set up automatic payment reminders.

The takeaway

Clear invoices = happy clients and faster payments. Use these tips and consider tools like CoGig to streamline the process and build a thriving freelance business.

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