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Why Freelancers Struggle with Getting Paid ?

Stop chasing invoices and start focusing on your craft. CoGig automates payments and admin tasks, freeing up valuable time for what you do best – your billable work.
Khushi Mishra
02 Apr 2024
2 Min read
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Late payments, chasing invoices, and worrying about cash flow are frustrating realities for many freelancers. This uncertainty disrupts your business, wastes your time, and adds unnecessary stress to your work. But it doesn't have to be this way! Let's delve into the common reasons freelancers struggle with bnpayments and how a platform like Cogig offers solutions.

Why Freelancers Struggle with Payment

  • Delayed payments: Clients may have slow internal processes, claim they "lost" your invoice, or simply prioritise other expenses. This creates unpredictable cash flow and adds financial stress.
  • Disputed work: Disagreements about project scope, deliverables, or quality can lead to payment withholding or frustrating negotiations – wasting time and damaging client relationships.
  • Time-consuming admin: Manually creating invoices, tracking payments across platforms, and following up eats away at billable hours – ultimately meaning you work for less.
  • Awkward conversations: Reminding clients about payments is uncomfortable, especially when facing financial pressures yourself.
  • Limited payment options: Some clients may have rigid payment systems that create delays or only offer you methods that incur high fees.

The CoGig Solution: Streamlined Payments, Freelancer Control

CoGig understands that getting paid on time and without hassle is crucial. Here's how its features put you back in charge of your income:

  • Milestone-based payments mode: Break down projects into clear milestones (e.g., research, design drafts, final website). Attach fixed payments to each milestone. This ensures you get paid incrementally as work is approved, minimising disputes and giving you predictable income.
  • Secure payment gateway: CoGig's integrated payment system allows for various payment methods (think credit cards, bank transfers, etc.) within the platform, eliminating the need to juggle external accounts and reducing payment delays.
  • Automated reminders: Set optional automated payment reminders, customizable in tone and frequency. CoGig takes on the polite nudging, letting you focus on your work.
  • Flexible payment options: You control your payment structure. Opt for milestone payments, one-time project fees, recurring retainers, or even hourly billing, tailoring the system to suit your and your clients' needs.
  • In-platform communication: Keep all project communication within Cogig. Clear documentation of approvals, revisions, and agreements ensures transparency and minimiSes disputes that could later affect payment.

Taking Back Control with CoGig

CoGig empowers you to create a smoother, more predictable payment experience. No more endless invoice chasing or battling with clients over fees. It frees up time, lessens financial anxiety, and allows you to focus on delivering your best work.

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